Having the right tools and the necessary education can help you get a better job and widen your opportunities. This can help both you and your family.

We can help you with the funding necessary to get that education and help you and your family have a better life. It may be possible to provide you with financial assistance to help with the bills while you attend school.

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Medical Assistance

We offer medical assistance for those who cannot afford it and have been diagnosed with a serious or long term illness.

Medical help can be provided for any reason and it will be paid directly to the hospital or clinic that you are attending.

We also have free clinics that you may use.

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Food Banks

There are food banks all over the country and most report that they are at there lowest storage levels in ten years. In this country it is an absolute crime that anyone should go hungry. It is our goal to help those in need, especially with small children to get food or basic household supplies.

If you need assistance with food then please visit our food bank page and see a list of the food banks in your area.

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Housing And Shelter

We offer a wide range of services and associations or links to sites that will help you with housing. We also offer a unique program which may allow you to rent-to-own with zero interest and basically no qualifying.

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Job Placement

We offer job placement through a computer center that applicants can use. We offer assistance with resume building and learning better practices for interviewing. Our staff can help you with locating other job placement services and giving you an aptitude test to determine your best employment opportunity.

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Current Projects

We are currently using our resources to develop clean organic food and alternative energy programs that will benefit the hungry and needy in the United States and abroad. These programs teach people how to feed themselves and how to provide clean alternative energy to themselves and their communities.

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Family Crisis Help

We offer family counseling and assistance for families that are in need of financial, moral or legal support.

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