The Soft Foundation is about building relationships within the community just as families are about building relationships with each family member.

As we grow we will develop affiliations with other charities and hold events to raise funds and promote family group relationships.

We hope to bring a new future to families in need and provide the support needed to keep the family unit in tack.

The future does not have to be bleak for those in need. Providing resources to help families through a crisis is our goal.

Founders Tim And Jan Dennis

The history of The Soft Foundation is a short one. We were formed early in 2011 and conceived in 2008 by the Dennis family. It is has been the goal of this family to give back a portion of the good fortune we have experienced. !

Family Traditions

Families in crisis are broken families and need the support of each family member. When both parents must work just to make ends meet then the family unit or each member of the family looks elsewhere for a feeling of belonging to something

This may take the form of joining a gang, illicit relationships amongst the adults and a dependency on drugs or alcohol.

It is the goal of The Soft Foundation to help keep the family intact by providing support, counseling, youth programs and health, housing and education programs.