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The Soft Foundation's research has shown a number of factors conspiring against the United States poorest families. These include rising unemployment, rising food prices, a housing crisis and increased emotional stress. Families need immediate financial help and emotional support to maintain there dignity and remain productive members of society. We know that growing numbers of families in the USA are struggling to provide their children with basic essentials. This project will help us reach out to more families affected by the recession, supporting them to meet their need for essential items and avoid incurring unmanageable debts.

Assistance will be targeted at any low income family in the U.S.A. with children and/or any young person (up to the age of 18 years old), particularly those living on benefits or who have just lost their jobs.

Services For Offenders And Their Families

A rise in crime is contributing to even more troubled families who are now having to cope with a family member in prison.

When offenders are arrested and go to jail, they're not the only ones affected - their families are too. And, for many, the arrest is just another stress for an already overburdened family. Without help, many fall apart.

Offenders who do not have positive family support often re-offend, and tragically, studies show that their children are likely to repeat the cycle. The economic and social cost to communities are enormous.

This foundation wishes to help stabilize the family in crisis and to provide meaningful opportunities for change. We focus on the dynamics of the family unit and the significant role that family relationships play to help offenders rebuild their lives. Our services are an important addition to the criminal justice system's own efforts to reduce crime and to prepare offenders to be productive members of their communities.

Equally as important as helping the offender is helping the family cope with the stresses of not having a member of the family able to contribute in a positive way. We help the other family members adjust socially as well as help financially, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

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Mental Health Issues

Mental illness is one of the greatest health and social challenges of our age. As many as one in six of the population have a mental health disorder and millions are in contact with specialized mental health services. Of these, it is estimated that up to 30 percent have dependent children and seven percent live in lone parent households.

Despite the number of families affected by parents living with mental health difficulties, and the impact it can have on family life, evidence suggests that adult mental health services often fail to consider parenting responsibilities. While the situation is now beginning to improve, and there is a growing recognition of parental mental ill health, there remains a mountain to climb to ensure that families are provided with the support they require.

The Soft Foundation can provide health services to qualifying family members in order to help with the struggle of coping with physical and mental health costs.

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