mission statement

The Soft Foundation (S.O.F.T.)- stands for: Save Our Family Traditions) helps at-risk children, family members and the family unit learn how to constructively succeed as individuals, as members of a family and as members of our society. We provide specialized services that strengthen families, enhance community safety and promote individual responsibility. We are one of a few organizations nationally dedicated to meeting the critical needs of individuals and their families.

It is our mission to promote the well being of needy families and individuals of families either financially, emotionally. By re-education, food, clothing, legal assistance, housing support and medical help. We also will offer counseling and rehabilitation services for the unemployed to include job placement and expenses for schooling.

Giving Hope

Our mission statement is designed to reflect the policies and desires of all its founders, board of directors and members.

Helping Others

It is our hope that we can prevent a family from being torn a part by any crisis from job loss, home loss or serious medical illness. With the proper management and guidance from a strong board of directors we can achieve this goal.