membership requirements

Give A Hand Give Some Hope

The requirements are pretty simple for membership. There is really nothing more then a desire to help those in need and provide support for those we are trying to help Perhaps you have a special talent or a desire to lend a helping hand. Then you are perfect for membership in our organization. People with a loving and giving spirit are best suited for membership and you may be asked from time to time to lend a hand as a volunteer at some of our events.

Special Talents Special People

Special Talents

If you are a caregiver ( i.e. Nurse, Doctor, Hospice volunteer or candy striper ) then your talents can be used to help with the medical needs of our elderly, in firmed and shut-ins.

Some other needs that would be useful
  • Special People
  • Fund Raisers
  • Teachers
  • Skilled laborers
  • Cooks and Chefs
  • Family Counselors

Find Your Niche

We offer a great many services to families in crisis and no one is turned away if it is within our power. One of the greatest needs for a family in crisis is to have a sympathetic ear and a voice of reason to get them through that time. That is why we have a crisis hot line. If you feel you might be interested in manning that phone from time to time then Contact Us and put your talent to work. If you have a desire to help others and would like to man our help line then please fill out our get involved form and put hot line as your desire and we will contact you very shortly.