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The satisfaction of knowing you have helped someone who is really in need can be the best benefit of all. It does not stop there though, you will find that the time spent in the service of others can give you an insight to problem solving and an appreciation of what you have. Giving what you have to others can give you a true sense of goodness and mercy.

Special Events

The Soft Foundation has special events just for members. You get access through our affiliates to concerts, plays, programs and more. Front row seating and backstage passes to benefit concerts and shows. Special promotions come up from time to time and you get first choice.

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Having a membership is your passport to great events across the country.

Make A Donation

If you choose not to become a member then you can still help by donating food. clothing or your time. All of the things you donate are tax deductible and are in great need. The food banks across this country are at the lowest point in over a decade and clothing, old cars, household goods are desperately needed.

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