membership benefits

Membership offers you access to special members only events and allows you to participate in events that involve children and families that share the same interest in helping those less fortunate.

It also gives you the opportunity to participate in benefit concerts and shows sponsored by The Soft Foundation. These events will allow interaction with other members that are dedicated just as you are to helping others obtain the lifestyle we all deserve.

Your membership not only gives you the opportunity to participate in those events but to volunteer your time and energy as a volunteer to help at other fund-raising events or community projects. We hope you will enjoy both aspects of membership in our organization and will continue to support our efforts to keep the family unit together.

Membership Responsibilities

As a member of this organization you will be asked from time to time to help as a volunteer to organize, participate and oversee general events we sponsor for children and families.

These may include helping with food drives, clothing drives and families who have members who are to ill to get out.

We know that you have a special gift or else you would not have become a member. We appreciate that desire and hope that we can all work together to help hold families together and keep the family traditions that have stood the test of time in making this country as strong as it is.

Join us today and lets move forward in our common goal

Helping families avoid a crisis and instill a sense of belonging is what we are about please help us help others. Learn More about membership requirements


Member Benefits